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I woke up, let the dogs out, and wandered through the house a bit this morning. I was the only one awake and I was debating about weighing in. I sighed deeply and reluctantly got on the scale. Oh my gosh! What? I stepped off, stepped back on and pushed the button (digital scale). I headed into the dining room where I keep my food/weight log and wrote down the number. I lost 3.6 pounds. Yay!

I did not anticipated a loss. The last time I weighed myself (January 15th), I was back to my heaviest weight of over 400 pounds. Weighing in this morning I can officially say I’m under 400. So today I’m feeling empowered. Which ties in to week one of the Made to Crave online Bible study. I love the word empowered. It brings me visions of strong, intelligent women achieving goals that they and God have set. The few pounds I lost this week has me feeling empowered for what is to come on this journey. I cannot wait.

I know it’s not the Made to Crave verse of the week but it’s one that always makes me aware that no matter what I’m going through all will be okay…

“You are stronger than you think. You can do all things through Christ” ~ Philippians 4:13